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To all Parents of the Primary School pupils

I think I can do something pleasing to the Families by sending them a summary of the new methods of evaluation provided for by Legislative Decree n. 62/2107 and by Law n. 41/2020.

I have previously sent the regulatory documents and now I announce the criteria approved by the Board of Teachers on 18.12.2020 and the new format of the evaluation document.

The teachers, who consider the evaluation a continuous process, will elaborate the periodic and final evaluation judgement, highlighting for each discipline the objectives related to the 2012 national guidelines and to the School curriculum. They will proceed to identify the level of learning for each objective and to prepare the descriptive judgment in relation to the levels of the learning achieved. The new evaluation document format, which will replace the old “school report” made up of a folded card, will have the characteristics of a package containing several sheets:

  • the title page
  • a sheet for each subject
  • a sheet containing the judgement on the behaviour
  • a sheet containing the judgement on the teaching of the Catholic religion or the judgement on the alternative activity to IRC

The sheets relating to the various subjects will be divided into three columns, each of which containing:

  1. the disciplinary objectives
  2. the levels
  3. a descriptive judgement

All Families will receive the new evaluation document by email and can print it, if desired.

We are here to answer any of your doubts or for further clarification.

The Headmistress