Saint Denis Nursery School is an English-Italian bilingual school
English is spoken during the morning while Italian is spoken in the afternoon .

07,30 am – 09,00 am: reception
09,00 am – 10,30 am: group activities in English
10,30 am – 11,00 am : healthy morning snack and supervised free play
11,00 am – 12,30 pm: individual activities in English
12,30 pm – 01,00 pm: lunch
01,00 pm – 01,30 pm: personal hygiene. Home time for the half-day children
01,30 pm – 03,30 pm: afternoon nap for the younger pupils. Pre-school children have early literacy/writing/maths activities
03,30 pm – 04,15 pm: activities in Italian
04,15 pm – 04,30 pm: afternoon snack
04,30 pm – 06,30 pm: after-school club. Home time for full-day children

First exit from 01,00 pm to 01,30 pm
Second exit from 04,30 pm to 06,30 pm


Children and their families are welcomed with a smile and kind words: everything contributes to a good start of the day!

Morning activities in English

Group activities such as painting, manipulation (salt dough, collage …). Children do these morning activities together with their class group, which help stimulate and develop good social relationships.

Healthy morning snack

Seasonal fruit to recuperate energies!

Free play time

Children are encouraged to play at one activity for a relatively long space of time. This helps develop a more extended period of concentration and independence.

Individual activities in English

Teachers work with children individually creating a stronger relationship between the child and their teacher.

Preparation for lunch

A moment to talk about the morning activities, sing a song together and then “washing hands” before lunch.


In the school’s kitchen, our very own cooks prepare nutritionally balanced meals tailored to children’s dietary requirements.

Afternoon nap

After lunch, the youngest pupils have an afternoon nap. The teachers read them quiet stories and they listen to soft music with the lights dimmed.

Pre-school activities

After lunch, the older pupils dedicate time to early reading, writing and numeracy skills to prepare for their entry into primary school.

Afternoon snack

In the afternoon, the children stop for a break and have their snacks all together.

Home time

This is an important moment when parents and teachers can exchange briefly news about how the day went.

After-school club

During the after-school club teachers spend time with the children reading stories, singing songs, supervising guided and free play time.