Every day our internal kitchen prepares fresh fruit for the morning snack and a nutritionally balanced two-course lunch.

The menu is approved by the Local Health Authority (ASL) and varies according to the season. An appropriate menu is specifically prepared for vegans, vegetarians and children with food allergies or intolerances.

Saint Denis School adheres to the project “Fruit and vegetables in schools”, promoted by the European Union and carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the University and Research Ministry and the Ministry of Health, in order to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables while raising awareness of the benefits of a healthy diet.

Since 2019 our School has joined the “Milk in schools” project: a food education campaign about the consumption of milk and dairy products for primary school students. Through guided tasting of fresh milk, yoghurt and cheese, the initiative aims at teaching children the importance of including these products in their daily diet and to keep this habit throughout their life.

Week from 19th of October to 23rd of October 2020



Stewed sausages (vegetarian alternative: vegetarian sausages)


Seasonal fruit (morning snack)


Chickpeas soup



Seasonal fruit (morning snack)


Pasta with ham and peas (vegetarian alternative: pasta with peas)

Emmental cheese


Seasonal fruit (morning snack)


Vegetables soup with cereal

Turkey slices with oil and lemon (vegetarian alternative: vegetarian slices)

Oven baked potatoes

Seasonal fruit (morning snack)


Pasta with lentils

Cod with tomatoes and olives (vegetarian alternative: seitan)

Cabbage salad

Seasonal Fruit (morning snack)