The School, as a place of education in the wider sense, nurtures every pupil’s learning process and the development of a critical conscience through the Educational Agreement of Joint Responsibility. Following this agreement,  each component of the school community undertakes to respect, and encourage others to respect, the School’s Rules.

To reach a successful learning outcome for each pupil, based on The Educational Project of the School (Progetto Educativo di Istituto or P.E.I.) and the Three Year Educational Plan (Piano Triennale dell’Offerta Formativo or P.T.O.F.), this agreement is an essential requirement for all the components of the school community and their families.

To this end, Saint Denis School proposes as an active participant, the following Educational Agreement of Joint responsibility that summarises the rights and obligations of each individual within the relationship School-Parents-Pupils.

In agreeing to the Educational Agreement, each individual is responsible and aware of his/her respective role within the School Community. The parties are bound to the relevant provisions of the Educational Agreement.


  • be listened to, be understood and respected;
  • grow affirming their own independence, while respecting the independence of others;
  • live their time at School in a friendly, welcoming, healthy and safe environment;
  • be motivated and assisted in their learning;
  • receive support and help from their families.


  • strive towards creating a productive, friendly and happy environment;
  • respect each pupil as a person and as a learner;
  • encourage the full integration of every pupil;
  • stimulate a desire “to know”;
  • endorse personal inclinations and distinctiveness;
  • respect the codes of conduct defined by and for the Pupils;
  • respect the learning style of each individual;
  • regularly check the suitability of the activities proposed.


  • respect the starting and finishing time of school;
  • give reason for the absence of their children from School;
  • recognize the educational value of the School;
  • be aware of and respect the School rules;
  • help and encourage the educational development of their children;
  • participate in the planned meetings;
  • be available and willing to talk to teachers, school management and the headmistress;
  • contribute to the initiatives proposed by the School.


  • respect adults and school companions;
  • respect others’ opinions, also when opinions differ to their own;
  • participate in proposed activities in a responsible manner;
  • follow instructions given by teachers and/or School staff;
  • look after and respect the school environment, the buildings, the furniture, school books, other pupils’ belongings and their own;
  • conduct themselves responsibly in order not put themselves or others at risk.