The mind is not a vessel to fill,

but a fire to kindle


The pupil at the centre

Going to school to grow and build a responsible future

At Saint Denis School great attention is paid, first of all, to the pedagogical aspects:

the child becomes an active participant

in his growth and learning as a person via the development of educational areas (cognitive, creative, emotional and social development, physical and coordination skills).

The family at the centre

Going to school in a changing society

The families of Saint Denis School are aware of the complexity of today’s society, with its potential and its dangers, and work together with the teachers to find common educational objectives. This teamwork contributes to the development of a responsible attitude in the children and a deep respect for general rules, in particular regarding the fundamental responsibilities of respecting yourself and others in the school environment.
The families who wish to share the School educational project are required to subscribe to the Educational agreement of joint responsibility.

Families are personally responsible to working actively with the School to reach the objectives outlined in the Educational Project of the School (Progetto Educativo di Istituto) and the Three Year Educational Plan (Piano Triennale dell’Offerta Formativa).

The person at the centre

Going to school to become citizens of the world in the third millennium

In the cultural context of the third millennium, Saint Denis School believes it is necessary that children become adults who:

respect themselves and others, respect nature and the planet
cultivate a love for knowledge
actively contribute to the growth of the country

Through the Three Year Educational Plan, the School is determined to accompany its pupils to the objectives of Education according to the National Indications 2012, that is to say:

· a healthy promotion and development of the person, their identity, their independence and citizenship
· favour the basic cultural skills to progressively develop key European skills
· promote the success in learning for all pupils, with particular attention to different and various learning needs

The Institute embraces the fundamental values and dynamics of relations through dialogue, partnership, reciprocal respect, willingness and solidarity.
The cornerstone of the Project of Education of Saint Denis School is the teaching of foreign languages which gives a concrete opportunity for the pupils to become “citizens of Europe and the world”.