Saint Denis School aims to be a “second home” for the child, where he can find:

  • peaceful and friendly environment which eases the “temporary separation” from the parent and helps the kid to grow and to live meaningful experiences for his formation;
  • warmth and tenderness that enable the child to feel welcomed so that he can communicate freely the joy of being with others;
  • the necessary authority to help him accept the rules of coexistence, developing a good relationship with the reality that surrounds him.

Our teachers join the family in following the growth of each special and unique child with attention and sensitivity, sharing the guidelines of our “Educational Agreement of Joint Responsibility”.

At Saint Denis School the child
is the most important thing and will grow
Serene · Sociable · Respectful of him/her-self and others · Confident in his/her own abilities · Intellectually curious and motived · Progressively independent