Who we are

Saint Denis School has been offering education to children of families based in Turin for the last 40 years.


Saint Denis School has been offering education to children of families based in Turin for the last 40 years.

The School opened at the end of the seventies at the foothills of Turin, with a pioneering objective to provide a curriculum in both Italian and English. The historic location of the school was opened in 1981 in the area locally called the “Crimea” beside the river Po, in Corso Moncalieri 52a. Today a second important location, also in a beautifully elegant building, has been opened in the centre of Turin.

Saint Denis School has both a bi-lingual nursery school (Italian and English) and primary school specialising in languages (Italian, English and French). The school is a publically and privately funded school known as a “scuola paritaria” here in Italy.

Saint Denis School welcomes children of many nationalities and cultures in a happy and friendly environment. There is an international atmosphere at school thanks to the daily presence of many native speaking English and French teachers alongside Italian teachers who graduated in languages and have themselves taught abroad.

At the nursery school the school curriculum is taught in English, by native speakers, throughout the morning for a total of 20 hours, while the afternoon activities are taught in Italian. Furthermore, in the Pre-school class, French is introduced by a native speaking teacher for a few hours each week.

At the primary school all the pupils spend as much time studying the Italian language as the English language. In addition they learn French and have a total of 15 hours a week of foreign language lessons.

Pupils learn not only to develop a civil consciousness of respecting rules and others, but also the love of “learning how to learn” some of the key themes drawn up by the European Parliament in 2006.  

The school is open from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 18.30 (a total of 55 hours a week).

Each school day is carefully balanced with activities, lessons and free-play times:

-early bird club (optional), from 7.30 to 8.30 (primary school) / 9.00 (nursery school);
-lessons, from 8.30 (primary school) / 9.00 (nursery school) to 16.30;

-after-school club (optional), from 16.30 to 18.30.

The national curricula indicated by the Italian Ministry of Education are met both in the nursery school and primary school. These are reflected in the school’s Three year Curriculum “Piano Triennale dell’Offerta Formativa” where the School meets the educational needs of students through personalised learning programs.

We pay particular care of our students during the moments of transition, as they move from nursery school to primary school and again when they start middle school.  

Further to the school curriculum, we organise afternoon activities (including sports, music tuition, clubs for hobbies and games) and visits to local places of interest and school trips. 

Our school is a Cambridge ESOL preparation centre and we offer language classes in the afternoons as part of preparation for Cambridge language exams or simply as a way of developing language skills.

Every year, we organize a seaside holiday, a Study trip to England and the Summer School, which is open to children from other schools.

Saint Denis School has been recognised for its work and participation in the National Primary school project with UNICEF.