The "continuity project"

Continuity in learning

Saint Denis School believes in a continual learning program from the nursey school through to the primary school.
The nursery school teachers plan and coordinate the activities which form the curriculum divided into fields of experience.
During the academic year in preschool, a particular emphasis is placed on encouraging learning, interests and curiosity.
The activities, methods and tools of observation used by the nursery school teachers are then shared with the primary school teachers so the first-hand knowledge of every aspect of each pupil is passed on to their future teachers.
Pupils attending the preschool section and those in the first year class at the primary school, share moments together when preparing for national holidays.
The younger children have the opportunity to work in the first year classroom environment, sitting at a desk alongside older companions. In this way, the first year pupils act as tutors to the younger pupils and provide a welcoming environment to the future primary school pupils.